Sandwich & District Netball League (SDNL)

1.1 All matches will be played in accordance with International Netball Federation (INF) rules.
1.2 All matches will be played at the Sandwich Leisure Centre.

2.1 The League will be run by a Committee.
2.2 Minimum age to play in the league is 14 years.
2.3 A meeting will take place prior to each Winter & Summer season. Notice of the meeting will be given to each team. At least one member of each team must attend if they wish to play in the forthcoming season.
2.4 Registration forms will be completed with the League Entry forms and submitted by the deadline. New players can be registered must be marked NP on the scorecard, along with their England Netball Affiliation number. This player will then be deemed registered to that team.
2.5 Only three new players or a combination of floaters/club/new players can be played per match.
2.6 A player may be registered for one team only.
2.7 A player may change team mid competition, after notification to both her present club and the Fixtures Secretary prior to playing for another team. A Transfer form will need to be completed. They will however incur a 2 match ban before playing for the new team.
2.8 Club players may play no more than three games within a season for another team within the same club.
2.9 Any team officially disbanding must notify the league in writing. Registration fees will be forfeited. All points and goals for and against teams disbanding during that competition shall be deleted from the records. Teams with remaining fixtures to play the disbanded team will; be awarded three points for a win and an average goal difference will be calculated and added to that teams goals for (GF).
2.10 All team players registered on the league entry form must be AENA affiliated. (See section 12)


3.1 Games will commence on time (either 6.45pm or 8pm). A team must take to the court with a minimum of five players. Teams are expected to attend the venue at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their game. If a team has not arrived within five minutes of the intended start of the match, the match will be abandoned and the late team will be deemed to have conceded the match.
3.2 Full kit, that is, netball skirts along with suitable sports tops or t-shirts must be worn at all matches. Cropped tops or bare midriffs are unacceptable. Adequate footwear should be worn and laces tied.
3.3 No adornment or item of jewellery, except a wedding ring and /or medical alert bracelet shall be worn, provided these are adequately covered tape. Piercings are not allowed even if taped up.
3.4 No adornment that may endanger player safety shall be worn, this will be at the discretion of the umpire.
3.5 Fingernails must be short and smooth.
3.6 Hair must be suitably tied back.
3.7 Offending player(s) must stand off until they are adequately attired to the Umpire’s satisfaction.
3.8 In the event of a clash of colours, as a courtesy the Away Team should wear an alternative set of bibs.
3.9 All Teams must have a basic first aid kit (we recommend this includes ice packs) and match ready ball (size 5). INF says that there must be a Primary Carer this should be marked on the score card.
3.10 Home Team takes the first centre pass; Away Team has choice of ends.
3.11 All score cards must be completed prior to the team taking the court and any New player (NP), Club player (CP) or Floater (F) must be entered onto the score card.


4.1 Scorecards must be fully completed and given to Fixtures Secretary or a committee member in their absence, at the end of the night of play.
4.2 Teams must offer their Umpire reasonable expenses. Minimum £10.00. Teams are liable for expenses if they cancel a match & do not inform the umpire.
4.3 The captain has the right to approach the umpires during an interval for clarification of any rule. The player/s for whom the clarification is relevant may accompany the captain.
4.4 The umpires may request the captain to speak to any on-court player/s whose behaviour is causing concern.
4.5 Disputes/complaints: Any dispute/complaint concerning a particular match must be brought to the attention of both Umpires and Captains at the venue, and then referred in writing to the Chairperson within 7 days thereafter. Decisions will be notified in writing as soon as possible. No action will be taken if this procedure is not adhered to.
4.6 All rubbish, empty bottles etc must be removed from court side on leaving. Any items of clothing will be left at reception in Lost Property.

5.1 Every team must have a qualified or active trainee umpire within their team after the first season. ( If the nominated umpire has no official England Netball qualification or attendance of an organised course, they will need to complete a competency assessment at a Back To Netball session, by prior arrangement with the Chair. This must be completed before their first league umpiring fixture. This is to enhance the quality and standard of umpiring in the league). If teams are experiencing difficulty fulfilling umpiring fixtures, please approach the Umpiring Secretary or a member of the committee.
5.2 Umpires have the authority to shorten games at their discretion. Standard match quarters 15/12/12/15minutes, with 2minute intervals.
5.3 An Umpire has the authority to cancel or abandon games at the venue. The umpire must inform the Fixtures & Umpiring Secretary as soon as possible outlining the justification for doing so. If three quarters of the match has been played the score will be taken as a result. If less has been played, the match will be re-scheduled and re-played in full.
5.4 Relevant court safety checks undertaken before matches commence.
5.5 Umpires will check players’ first aid kit, nails, hair and will check players for any inappropriate kit/adornment prior to the player taking to the court.
5.6 Both Umpires must check and agree that the match ball is suitable for play before the match commences. The Umpire will keep possession of the ball during intervals.
5.7 Hats/Headbands may be worn but they should be tight fitting and not have ties or adornments that can get caught up or injure the player or other players.
5.8 Hoodies or scarves should not be worn as these can get caught. 5.9 No form of glove should normally be worn. In extreme weather or with a medical condition gloves may be worn. If gloves are required for medical reasons, a Doctors certificate/letter must be produced before play to the umpires and a copy sent to the committee. Gloves should be plain, soft leather or microfibre eg Neoprene. Seamless and have no abrasive materials. Nails must still meet the requirements as in rule 3.5.
5.10 Umpires should check the score card to ensure it is fully complete before each game and should check the score with the other umpire after each quarter. Final scores checked, Star player (Best Attack/Best Defence Summer league only) awarded and card signed.
5.11 The Umpire’s decision is final. Please respect the umpires at all times.


6.1 The Committee, via the Chair have the authority to cancel and rearrange fixtures in exceptional circumstances.
6.2 Cancellations or abandonment of matches by Umpires will be re-arranged by the Fixtures Secretary. If three quarters of the match has been played the score will be taken as a result. If less has been played, the match will be re-scheduled and re-played in full. Teams will be given notice of any re-arranged fixtures & all details will be available on the website.
6.3 In the event of a team conceding a match; they must inform the relevant umpires, Fixtures Secretary and opposing team. Failure to do so will result in the payment of umpire expenses (see 4.2). The opposing team will be awarded three points for a win, a goal average will be calculated from previous matches that season and added to their goals for (GF) on the results table.
6.4 In the event of inclement weather; the committee will make a decision if severe weather is forecast; storms, freezing conditions, snow etc. Team captains will be notified, by the Chair, by 1800hrs on match day, of any cancellations. These matches will be re-arranged and played at the end of the season. If teams have not received any notification they are expected to be at venue match ready.
6.5 Venue staff are responsible for making a decision and letting the Chair know if courts are unsafe for play; due to freezing courts, excess water, surface damage etc by 1800hrs on match dates. Captains and umpires will be informed accordingly.

7.1 Floating players can only play 3 times for the same team in any one season. On the 4th occasion of playing, they automatically become signed to that team and cannot play as a floater for any other team. If this team disbands they can return to floater status.
7.2 Floaters must register themselves by emailing the Players Secretary or via the website. An affiliation number must be provided or a disclaimer must be completed, signed and handed to the Players Secretary, this can be found on the website.
7.3 Floaters officially registered at the start of the season can play from day one. Any floaters registering after the start of the season must be officially registered online/Players Secretary, prior to the first time of playing. Therefore all details are accessible by teams requiring floaters during the season.
7.4 Any members of a disbanding team may play as a floater for the remaining part of that season providing that all fees due by the disbanding team have been paid.
7.5 Official Floaters details will be on the website. Password sdnl2015.
7.6 Teams playing an unofficial floater will forfeit a three point deduction.


8.1 EN recommends that individuals (player, coach, umpire) if pregnant should only participate with approval from their doctor and in accordance with any guidelines issued by EN. Neither EN, nor the club will be held liable for any pregnant individual participating in recognised and authorised activity should the expectant mother suffer a miscarriage or permanent damage to herself and / or unborn child as a result of participating. The EN Personal Accident cover will not provide any benefit for injury, loss or expense due to pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage or any consequence thereof. Please note this guidance supersedes previous guidance that players, coaches, officials should only participate up until their 12th week of pregnancy.


9.1 The SDNL has the power to discipline any person who is a registered participant within the League and is considered guilty of conduct prejudicial to the interests of Netball. Such matters will be dealt with by a Quorum of Honorary Officers, one of whom shall be the Secretary. All evidence submitted must be supported in writing within 7 days of the event. There shall be a right to appeal to the Executive Committee within seven days of notification of the decision. The outcome of any procedure will be brought to the notice of the County Committee after the initial decision. In the event of an appeal, advice will be sought from the County Committee before the appeal is heard.
9.2 Umpires – The Committee may take whatever action is considered necessary, in the event of repeated complaints in writing on the performance of an umpire. The County Umpiring Secretary is to be made aware of circumstances prior to a decision being made.

10.1 Points system: 3 for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 point for gaining 50% of their opponents score. In the event of two teams being equal on points, goal difference will be taken into consideration. (i.e. goals scored less goals against )
10.2 All teams must provide a scorer for their umpire per match. Teams failing to provide a scorer will result in a one point deduction and £10 fine. This is to enhance the quality of officiating and support progression of umpiring within the league.

11.1 Each team will be expected to pay their Court Fees on time as agreed with the Treasurer.

12.1 All players need to be Affiliated to AENA
12.2 An unaffiliated player may register for a team but can only play 2 games. Prior to the start of the third game they must be affiliated and affiliation number provided to the Players Secretary.
12.3 Affiliation numbers for each player registered with a team pre-season, must be included on entry forms.

13.1 The league accepts no responsibility for injury to any member or registered participant, any loss or damage to equipment or property belonging to its members or registered participants. Members or registered participants must arrange their own insurance at their own discretion.

If we do not receive any comments from your team within 7 days of the AGM/Meeting, we will presume you understand the rules. Point deductions will be made if the rules are not abided by.

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